Why You’re Better Off Using A Vegas Slot Machine Than This Pay Phone In Aruba

Airport Pay phone

Photo by David Mello

The Pay Phone Travel Scam In Aruba

Many unsuspecting travelers get taken in by this travel scam in Aruba before they even leave the airport. Do not use the pay phone in the Aruba airport. The credit card pay phone at the gate is run by satellite and will cost you a small fortune. You are charged by the minute, and there is a five minute minimum to use this pay phone.

Many unknowing travelers have been surprised to have been charged over $40 for a one minute phone call. You are given no notice of the exorbitant rates before placing your phone call A good practice to keep in mind is to never use a credit card to make any phone calls from pay phones. There are much better ways to make calls today like Skype or magic Jack. Protect yourself and your wallet and avoid these types of phones.

Another thing to know is that many bars and restaurants automatically add a 15% service charge to your bill, so make sure to see if this charge has already been added before tipping.

One nice thing about Aruba is that the taxi fares are government regulated, so you don’t have to worry about taxi scams happening on your visit.