More International Travel Tips For Easier Travel

International Travel Tips For Easier Travel

It’s been a while since I’ve written my first article on International travel. I’ve done a lot more International travel since then, and so I have a few more tips for you as you make your travel plans.

More International Travel Tips For Easier Travel

International Travel Tips For Easier Travel

1. Check The Weather Forecast

This is something I’ve often forgotten to do, and which I regretted. For instance, I didn’t realize before I left for Sicily and Sardinia that it gets downright cold there. I arrived all ready for a beach vacation only to wind up buying warm clothes and even a jacket! Just because a place is known for its beaches doesn’t mean it’s warm all year-long. Check the weather before you even book your trip or you could be disappointed when you get there.

2. Check To See If You Need Vaccinations Or Malaria Medication Where You Are Going

There are many travel health clinics that will tell you what vaccinations you need or whether you will need to take malaria medication for the area you are traveling to. Do this as far in advance of your travels as you can.

3. Make Sure Your Passport, Credit Cards, And ATM Cards Aren’t About To Expire

Your passport must remain valid for at least six months from the day you expect to travel, so make sure it isn’t due for renewal. Also, check to make sure that your credit cards and ATM cards will still be valid for the dates you will travel. I am about to make an International trip myself and noticed that both cards will expire by the end of the month. I made emergency calls to my banks, and fortunately, they are able to FedEx new cards to me before I leave.

4. Check Information About Public Transportation Or Taxis To Your Hotel

Arrival in a new country is overwhelming enough. Make sure to check information about taxis or public transportation from the airport before you arrive to make things easier.

5. Tell Your Bank And Credit Card Companies That You Will Be Traveling

Many people forget this step and arrive in a new country unable to withdraw funds from their bank or use their credit cards. Make sure to tell your bank of your travel plans before you go.

Do you have International travel tips that you find helpful when you travel? Let us know in the comments below! 



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