5 Ways To Avoid Taxi Scams

taxi scams

The most common type of travel scams are taxi scams. Unfortunately there are corrupt taxi drivers just about anywhere you go. While there are plenty of honest taxi drivers, and I love relying on them for advice on where to eat, it pays to know a few tips so you don’t get taken for a ride. This isn’t just about protecting your wallet, but also your safety. Taxi drivers in some countries have been known to kidnap tourists, and have robbed, beaten, and even killed them. Avoid taxi scams by following this advice.

5 Ways To Avoid Taxi Scams

5 Ways To Avoid Taxi Scams

1. Don’t Ride In A Taxi If You Are Drunk

When it comes to taxi drivers robbing, overcharging, or kidnapping people, they tend to go for the people who don’t have all of their wits about them. If something does happen, it will be harder to fight back if you aren’t fully conscious. If you know you will be taking a taxi back to your hotel, take it easy on the drinks.

2. Don’t Ride In Unmarked Taxis

Many crimes and taxi scams have happened in cars that aren’t real taxis. Make sure that the taxi you get into is owned by a legitimate taxi company. Also, make sure to write down the taxi number and the driver’s name. This is also important advice if you happen to leave something behind in a taxi.

3. Know What The Rates Should Be

If you are arriving at a new destination, look up the taxi rates, so you know what to expect. If you forget to look up the average rates ask the people at the bus station, airport, or hotel before going out and flagging one down. If there is a taxi meter, make sure that the cabbie uses it. Bangkok is notorious for the drivers not wanting to use their meter. If the driver refuses, then get out of the cab. If there is no meter, make sure you negotiate your rate before getting in the taxi.

4. Carry Small Change For Paying The Taxi Driver

One of the most common taxi scams is for the driver to tell you that they don’t have change. You can avoid this problem by carrying small bills. Also, if a driver tries to tell you that you owe more than the bill should be, you can tell them that’s all the money you have and get out of the taxi.

5. Keep Your Luggage And Belongings Next To You

Another common taxi scam in some countries is one in which the driver drives away with your luggage still in the trunk as soon as you get out of the taxi. Some drivers have also been known to raise the fare price and not release your items from the trunk until you pay the increased price. Keep your belongings next to you, and you won’t have this problem.

Do you have tips for avoiding taxi scams?

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