The Best Ways To Deal With Travel Anxiety

The Best Ways To Deal With Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is something that can affect us all. As much as I’ve traveled, I still tend to get very little asleep the night before leaving for a trip. My mind is full of what I still need to do before I leave, and I always seem to worry that I will oversleep and miss my flight. And, stressful mishaps often happen while traveling that it’s hard not to get upset about. Here are my tips for the best ways to deal with travel anxiety.

How To Defeat Travel Anxiety

The Best Ways To Deal With Travel Anxiety

1. Bring Your Comfiest Hoodie

Being wrapped up in your favorite hoodie on a crowded plane or train can make all the difference and let you zone out when you’re feeling anxious.

2. Take Vacation Breaks

People often get stressed out on vacation because they stay on the move the whole time trying to see all the sites. Take a break from your vacation and make sure to get plenty of sleep. Being tired makes us more prone to anxiety and stress.

3. Bring Distractions

Planes often get delayed. You may find yourself in long lines. I avoid this kind of anxiety by bringing good books and games to distract myself from long waits.

4. Bring Good Snacks

Don’t just bring snacks for the plane. Make sure to carry snacks with you as you travel around the area you are visiting. We never feel good when our blood sugar gets low. This will help you avoid those hangry moments.

5. Do Breathing Exercises

If you find yourself in a moment of panic, focus on your breath. This will calm and center you. Also, take control of your mind by thinking of what you are looking forward to about the trip rather than the things you are fearful of.

6. Do Research About Your Destination Before You Leave

Knowing what to expect will help you to have less anxiety. Do research on things like transportation, tipping, and the customary foods for the place you are visiting, so that you don’t have to worry about these details when you get there.

7. Travel During Shoulder Or Off Season

If crowds of people make you anxious, travel during a time when there are less tourists. Less crowds always equals less stress and help to prevent travel anxiety.