The Ultimate Hotel Tip Guide

hotel tip guide

With Marriott Hotels now putting tip envelopes in its hotel rooms, people have become more aware of tipping at hotels. But, with the different service providers in hotels, knowing how much to tip is confusing. Here’s a hotel tip guide to make it easier for you.

Hotel Tip Guide:


The suggested amount is $2-5 a night.  Since, different maids may service your room each day, it is best to leave the amount you are tipping on the bedside table each day of your stay.


The amount you should tip the concierge will vary depending on the services that you are requesting. If you are having them doing a simple task like making a printout or a reservation at a restaurant, $2-5 is the average amount recommended to tip. If they are helping you get a hard to get reservation or tickets, then $10-$20 is the average amount.


It is only necessary to tip the doorman $1, but if he helps with luggage, than $1 per bag is suggested.


In nice weather, the average amount is $2, but in bad weather, it is suggested that you give $5.


It is suggested that you give the bellhop $1-2 per bag, and a little extra if your bags are heavier than average.

Hotel Shuttle Driver

$2 per person is the recommended amount to give to the hotel shuttle driver.

Room Service

Usually a room service gratuity is already charged to your bill, but if not, then give 15-20% of the cost of your order as a tip.

Spa Services

If a gratuity is not included in spa services, make sure to leave a tip of 10-20%, as many spa service providers rely on tips as a big percentage of their income.

Always remember to bring small bills in the currency of the country you are in. You will need small bills for tips, and they come in handy for paying taxi and bus fares, too.

Do you have other service providers that you tip that aren’t listed in this hotel tip guide? Let me know in the comments below!

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