The Best Travel Apps You Will Want To Use On Your Next Trip

best travel apps

How did people even travel before apps? They make travel so much easier and pain-free. But, there are so many that the best ones often get lost in the shuffle. Here are my picks for the best travel apps that you won’t want to miss.

Best Travel Apps


FlightTrack 5

FlightTrack 5 tells you if your flights delayed, when to head to the airport, and when your flight will be arriving. It also informs you of gate changes, baggage claim locations, and it uses SeatGuru to tell you which seats are available on the plane. It’s great for tracking the arrival of your friend’s flights, too.

Packing Pro

I don’t know about you, but my least favorite part of travel is figuring out what to pack. Packing Pro gives you an automatic packing list based on the number of people traveling and what the weather will be like. The best part of this app is the to-do list it gives you before you travel. It reminds you to stop your newspaper delivery and to pack your medicines. You can even sync this app between devices using Dropbox.

While You Travel


Instagram is a great way to share your vacation pictures and videos with your friends while you travel. If you want ideas of where to go, it’s also a great tool to use for planning your trip. Right now, it’s the 21st most popular website in the US, so it’s a great source of inspiration.


One of the best travel apps around, Airsleep uses brain wave technology to help you sleep. It’s great for trying to sleep on the plane, bus, train, or in a bed that’s not your own. The great thing is this app is free, though you do need to pay for more sounds. There is even a chime that you can set to wake you up, so you don’t oversleep.

XE Currency

Using different currencies is confusing, but XE Currency makes it easy. This free app lets you keep track of live exchange rates, and lets you use your cell phone to do all the hard calculations for you.


If you prefer to travel like a local, and get their recommendations rather than ones from other tourists, then download localeur. If you are looking for the best entertainment, restaurants (including food trucks!), and bars, this is the app you need.

As you know, there are a lot of travel apps around, but these are the best travel apps that will help you plan and move through your travels with ease.


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