Jakarta Travel Tips

Jakarta travel tips

Photo by Anjar, Flickr CC

For those who haven’t been Jakarta can be overwhelming. These travel tips will make your travels to Jakarta easier and more enjoyable.

Jakarta Travel Tips

1. At The Airport

Always take Blue Bird taxi to get to the city center. You can even make a reservation with your phone. Make sure your driver uses the meter. Avoid private taxis which may not give you the best rate. If you don’t make a reservation, go to the Departure area to get a taxi, as you will avoid the long taxi lines at Arrivals where everyone is trying to get a taxi to leave the airport. For more on taxi advice, go here.

2. Choose A Sanctuary Like Hotel

Choose a hotel that is peaceful and gives you a break from the chao of Jakarta. For the best accommodation, I like the Novotel Tangerang. It’s out of the center of Jakarta, but is away from the traffic. It’s attached to the mall, so it has everything you need. There is a rooftop garden pool, and the Novotel serves a delicious breakfast.

3. Dress Modestly

People in Jakarta dress conservatively. Make sure that shorts or skirts cover the knees, and that your shirts aren’t sleeveless. Long pants and a T-shirt is usually best.

4. Get A SIM card

Sim cards are really cheap, and will allow you to use your phone and the internet. XL, Indosat, or Telkomsel are both good companies to use, and having the use of Google Maps and Google Translate will be really helpful.

5. Only Change Your Money At Banks

Hotels have horrible exchange rates. You will receive the best rate by exchanging your money at a bank. Go here, for more information on avoiding currency scams in Indonesia.  Most places in Jakarta also accept credit cards, but make sure to carry cash for the delicious street food in Jakarta.

6. Know That Flood Season Is December to April.


If you are flexible on your visit, it’s best to avoid the flood season. May and June are the months that usually have the best weather for your visit.

7. Don’t Drink The Water

The water isn’t safe to drink in Jakarta. Make sure to only buy bottled water.

8. Keep A Close Eye On Your Belongings.

Like in most big cities, you want to make sure to keep a close eye on your belonging. You may enjoy my tips on preventing purse slashing here.

9. Check To See If You Need To Apply For A Visa Before Arriving

Visitors from many companies are required to apply for a visa before arriving. Check to see if that’s a requirement for you.

10. Be Careful When Crossing The Street


The traffic in Jakarta is very busy, so make sure to be cautious. There are many motorcycles, and they can come out of nowhere.


  1. Linda March