Why Smart Cookies Don’t Eat Them In Malaysia

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Malaysia is a great place to visit and isn’t a place that you usually have to worry about many scams aside from the normal taxi scams and occasional pickpockets.  However, one scam in Malaysia that has happened is one in which tourists were offered cookies from strangers, and they accepted them without thinking about the consequences.  Many of the people were offered these cookies by someone who says it is their Birthday.  After consuming the cookie, the tourists have awakened several hours later to find that their possessions were stolen.  It’s a very easy thing to do to accept food without even thinking about it.  I know I’ve done it, eager to try something new.  It has never occurred to me that there could be drugs in the food.  It’s sad, but in today’s world, it’s best not to accept food or drinks from strangers that you don’t know.

It is also worth knowing to be aware of Malaysia taxi drivers. Many of them will try to scam you, so it’s always best to require the driver to use a meter.  If the taxi driver says he doesn’t have one, or that his meter isn’t working, just tell him you are going to wait for another taxi.

If you are carrying a purse or bag, make sure you carry it across your body.  Malaysia has been known for criminals who ride by on their motorbikes and snatch people’s bags as they are driving by.

One other thing worth knowing in Malaysia, is that it’s always best to be well-dressed, especially when showing up at immigration.  Apparently, they frown on hippies. So, I guess, it’s best to leave the tie-dyed outfits at home.

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