Polish Currency Exchange Scam

Currency exchange in Poland

Photo by epSos .de/Flickr CC

Be careful if you are traveling to Krakow, Poland.  There is a big Polish currency exchange scam there. Many “legitimate looking” establishments near the Old Town and around the train station have excellent rates posted out the front. But that’s only if you exchange a small fortune (like 1,000 euro!!).

In the back, where hardly anybody reads, is the rate posted if you exchange under the small fortune, where they will then take a small fortune from you.  It is always a good idea to have the currency changer write the rate down for you before agreeing to a transaction. The only fair exchange office which offers Polish currency  that is close to the market square and on the way from Railway station is the one which is open 24 hours. It is CFS 24h Exchange (Pawia 12 street). This is the only tourist oriented exchange office that has transparent and fair rates.  You can always check out the current rates on the website: http://www.exchange.krakow.pl/.

Thank you to Alex Kallimanis from Wanderlust Marriage for bringing this scam to our attention.

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