Planning A Vacation In Brazil? Here’s What You Should Know!

Vacation in Brazil

There  really is nothing like a vacation in Brazil.  There are, however, a few things you should watch out for if you go. Unfortunately many people who have visited have fallen prey to the scam where someone gains your confidence only to steal from you.  Someone has come forth to help a tourist who is lost, but then they rob them when the tourist least expects it.  If you get lost, always go to a restaurant or hotel to ask for directions.

Robberies have also occurred quite often at ATM machines in Brazil. Thieves watch for a person to go to a deserted ATM, and then force the victim at gunpoint to withdraw more money.  Try to only get cash during the day and stay away from ATM machines that are in dark or remote locations.  

The airports in Brazil often tend to be a place where pickpockets tend to roam. Be very careful with your belongings and don’t put anything in your outer pockets.

Taxi drivers that ask you to pay upfront when you are on vacation in Brazil are also scamming you.  All taxis should use a meter in Brazil.  Never try to negotiate a price with the driver as you will always come out better by using the meter. Make sure you only use the licensed taxi cabs.  If they are unmarked, there is a good chance that they will try to rob you.

Being careful of these situations should insure that your vacation in Brazil goes smoothly and even better than planned.