Travel Tips For Saving Money In Reno

save money in reno tips

If you are traveling to Reno, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It’s possible to find plenty of discounts and deals there. Here are some of my favorite travel tips for saving money in Reno.

1. Pick Up The Free Newspapers And Brochures

The free newspapers and brochures you see throughout Reno are full of coupons and money-saving offers. The deals and bargains offered are for everything ranging from the casinos, hotels, motels, and restaurants. Some of the discounts you find are substantial, too. If you are driving to Reno, you will find many of these coupons at the rest areas on the way to Reno.

2.  Research Hotel Deals Before You Go

Many of the hotels in Reno offer incredible discounts and packages. It’s worth doing your research before you go if you want to save the most money on a hotel room. Check your local newspaper or online to find the best rates for hotel deals in Reno.

3. Check Out The Casinos For Food Specials

You can have $ 8.99 breakfast buffets at some of the casino complexes. For dinner, you can find steak specials for $10.99 and up. The casinos are competing with each other for business, and they often try to attract more people by offering discounts on their food.

4. Use Public Transportation While You Are In Town

Reno has a very easy to use public transportation system, so don’t spend money on a rental car if you are staying in the city. Only rent a car for the days you plan on spending outside of Reno.  The Sierra Spirit is a free bus line that serves Reno’s downtown area and goes to the University of Nevada.

save money in Reno
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5.  Set A Budget If You Plan To Gamble

Many people lose a lot of money by losing track of the money they spend at the casinos. If you plan to gamble, do it for entertainment purposes. Set a budget, and stick to it. A good way to use discipline is to only take the cash you want to spend with you, and to leave all your credit cards and ATM cards back at your hotel, locked in the safe.

6. Watch Movies At Bargain Prices At The Fleischmann Planetarium & Science Center

Depending on the movie, they are shown in either SkyDome 8/70 large format or as Full Dome digital star shows.  The Fleischmann Planetarium is on the University of Nevada campus and was the first planetarium in the world that could show full-dome movies. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for children.

7.  Enjoy Reno’s Free Parks

Reno has a huge variety of parks, and you can enjoy them for free. Wingfield Park is right on the Truckee River and is great for water activities like kayaking and tubing. Virginia Lake Park has a nice walking path, a fishing dock, and a playground if you have children. Rink on the River has ice skating from late November until February of each year. They even offer several free skating sessions.

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