Top Cold Weather Vacations


If you are looking to travel this holiday season, and dont mind the cold, you can find a variety of great places to visit.

New York City: Despite the cold, you can have a great time visiting all the sights and seeing the ball drop on New Years Eve. Enjoy the city and avoid the hassle with your weather app. Android phones and iPhones will allow you to synchronize your itinerary with the local weather, helping you optimize your time and energy.

The Alps, Germany: The Bavarian Alps in Germany are a popular destination for ski enthusiasts and snow aficionados. The alps offer a variety of winter activities, and you can use your free weather radar app to predict the best snowfalls, or plan some extra spa time.

Chamonix, France: This charming French city combines the fun of winter activities with the charm of a small French town. You can have a great time skiing and snowboarding while you there, or you can visit many cities in proximity. With a good weather app, Android or iPhone, and a decent wireless plan, you can enjoy a variety of weather, and have a great time at a variety of destinations including France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Fairbanks, Alaska: Enjoy the captivating Northern Lights and check out the sled races that are a popular sport in Alaska. For the art aficionado, Alaska is also home to the World Ice Art Championship.

Reykjavík, Iceland: Iceland has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers. You can check out the variety of locations that have been used to film popular movies and series. If you enjoy a challenge, you can also climb a glacier.

Regardless of where you want to go, having a weather app handy is sure to optimize your trip and prevent any unwanted surprises.