Top Christmas Holiday Destinations in 2016


With the Christmas season fast approaching and the end of 2016 drawing near, many people are beginning to plan their winter holidays. These are some top destinations to consider for the holidays.

Trømso, Norway

This snowy island provides visitors with unique views of the Northern Lights. Many travelers find the snowy climate at the Arctic Circle perfect to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Keep in mind that day time is rather short, lasting for only a few hours. Dog sledding is a popular activity here as well as riding the mountaintop cable car for picturesque views. The Clarion Hotel is the best place to stay, offering a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner for guests.

Las Vegas

For those wanting the ultimate place to ring in the New Year, Las Vegas should be a top choice. Last year, over 300,000 people celebrated on the Vegas Strip. In anticipation of the event, the entire 4 miles of the Vegas Strip is closed to traffic. This means visitors can easily walk to access their favorite casinos. The MGM Grand is a popular option for the evening as well as the elegant Bellagio. Both casinos have a range of games, just like those you can find at mobile casinos available from Gambling insider, and are well known for poker. The event is highlighted with a spectacular fireworks show with fireworks being launched from the rooftops of four casinos.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Travelers wanting to escape the cold make consider venues in the Southern Hemisphere which celebrate Christmas during their summer season. In Kaikoura, like many places in New Zealand, people celebrate the holidays with backyard barbecues. The Kaikoura mountain range provides a terrific place to hike through the rainforest. Visiting the sparkling Kaikoura Bay can provide many different marine animals which to observe.
While these are just three destinations for your winter holiday, there are many more destinations to consider.