The Train Station And Other Scams In England

England train station scam

Photo by Jasmic/Flickr CC

Be very careful when buying your train ticket at the ticket machines in England. One common scam especially at the train stations in London is one in which men prey on tourists who are using the machines.  They will wait for you to put your money in the machine and then come over and act like they are helping you.  They will then cancel your transaction and when your money comes out of the machine, they will take it and run.  If you buy your ticket from a ticket counter and not from the machine in England, you can avoid this scam completely.  Also near the end of each day, you will encounter touts who will ask you to give them your travel card tickets.  Don’t give it to them, as they are trying to sell it to other people.  If you just ignore them, they will go away.  And, of course, you never want to buy a train ticket or tube pass from anyone trying to sell it directly to you, as it usually won’t be any good.  You should also be aware that there are several pickpockets in many of the train stations, shops, and other areas in England. Some of the pickpockets have very elaborate scams.  For instance, sometimes an elderly woman will stage a fall, and while you are helping her up, your belongings will be stolen. Always pay attention to your valuables.

In London, especially on Oxford Street, you will meet many sellers on the streets trying to sell you discounted goods.  They will show you real genuine items, but actually sell you a fake item.  In England, it is illegal to buy counterfeit items, so it’s best not to buy items from people you meet on the street.  You will also encounter mock auctions which are rigged, so it’s best not to take part in these as you will not come out ahead.