Protect Yourself And Your Hotel Room With This Item

Do Not Disturb sign

Image: Phrontis via Wikimedia Commons

Many people when traveling have had the misfortune of having their hotel room broken into.  The even scarier thing is that some people have had their room broken into while they are sleeping.  They wake up to find their cash, their passport, and other valuables missing. Don’t let this happen to you.

The Doberman Traveler Defense Alarm is a perfect traveling companion.  You can carry it with you for safety.  It also has a flashlight on it to light your way.  But, the best part is that it will loop around the doorknob of your room, and if someone breaks in your room, it will let off a piercing alarm. It is very loud, and the sound alone would be enough to scare off a thief or attacker.

The Doberman Traveler Defense Alarm is a great way for you to protect yourself and a great way to rest in peace.

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