Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico?

Walking in Mexico, is it safe to travel to mexico

A lot of people thinking of traveling to Mexico are still asking the question, “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?  I just moved to Mexico three months ago.  Of course, just like anywhere in the world, some areas are safer than others.  But I actually feel safer in Mexico than I did in the US.  Police cars are constantly patrolling the streets, and my neighbors watch out for me and always know when I’m home.  If I’m not home, they usually know where I am, since they always ask where I’m going when I leave my house.  I think the media has unfairly portrayed Mexico as a dangerous place.  To give an entire country a bad reputation because of a few unsafe areas is very unfair.

Since the media has portrayed Mexico in such a bad light, many cities in Mexico are doing a lot to upgrade their security and infrastructure. The US State Department has information about which areas of Mexico are best avoided. However, they don’t do a good job of updating the website on a regular basis, so some areas which may have had problems in the past are now safe to visit.  Don’t make the mistake of avoiding this beautiful country because of a few areas which have had problems with security. Millions of tourists visit Mexico each year and have no issues with safety or security. For the most part, safety in the main tourist areas has not been a problem for people. In fact, the standing joke is that the biggest danger for most tourists is a hangover.

Mexico Is My Home

I am so glad to call Mexico my home.  I have embraced the slower pace of life, the happiness of the people, and the brilliant colors and flavors that enliven my days.  Being here, I feel more engaged with life, both the beauty and the rawness of it, and wonder how I lasted so long in the United States.

So, if you are wondering, “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?”, the answer is yes.  In fact, I dare to say, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you avoid it.  Just go easy on the mezcal!

Have you traveled to Mexico?  How was your experience?  Let us know in the comments below!

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