Off-Roading Essentials For Traveling With Your Jeep

Jeeps were made for off-roading, but does your vehicle have the essentials needed to ensure a safe and fun trip? There are several components that should be added to your vehicle for any off-roading adventure to be successful. From a hi lift jack mount to a jeep storage box, learn what you need below to get started taking your jeep off-road!

Jack Mount

One option that must be considered for your jeep is a jack mount. You will have the ability to easily change a tire if needed when in rough terrain. An example of a quality hi lift jack mount can be found with the Rampage New JK Wrangler option. This mount can be found at and installs the product to the tailgate hinges with very little drilling. A 35-inch tire will fit without any modifications making it easy for you to go off-road with no worries about tire needs.

Storage Box

Storage and security are quality factors that jeep owners need to consider when driving off-road. You want to be able to store items easily when you leave the jeep to go hiking or enjoy other outdoor activities. With a secure lock box, you have the ability to store valuables as well as any extra gear or components you may need while on the go.


Jeep owners know that a trip off-road can result in becoming stuck in rough terrain. It is important to have a quality winch that can be used to pull other jeeps out or even your own when needed. Adding a winch will give you the ability to remove the jeep or others when the rough terrain becomes a bit too challenging.

These are just a few ways jeep owners will have the essentials needed for an off-road trip. Add these items and more to ensure you are prepared to go off-road and enjoy a new adventure!