The Best Home Inventory Apps & Why You Need One Before Traveling

home inventory apps

Hopefully, you will return home from your vacation to find everything as you left it. But, too many unfortunate things can happen while you are traveling. If robbery or natural disasters happen, you want to be ready. It’s impossible to remember everything that you have in your home.

Home inventory apps make it very easy to keep a record of everything that you own. Using home inventory apps will make it easier to file an insurance claim. They also help the police to find your belongings if they have been stolen. The best home inventory apps allow you to easily record the serial number of your items, which is important if things have been stolen. Home inventory apps are also a great thing to use when you are moving to make sure everything arrives in your new home. Also, don’t forget to update your home inventory app every three months or so, especially after holidays when you receive gifts. Make sure to back everything up in a cloud, as well, so that if you lose your computer or phone, you still have a record of everything.  Here are some of the best home inventory apps:

Best Home Inventory Apps

1. Encircle

Encircle allows you to take pictures of your belongings, and to store and label them with details.  It also allows you to manage your inventory across multiple devices and to export your data as a PDF file. You can also store copies of important documents like passport, wills, and contracts which many people often forget to include with their home inventory.

2. Inventory for Homeowners

Inventory for Homeowners is easy to use, and the amount of information you can document is very flexible. It is picture-driven, and you can add serial numbers, purchase date, price,  and the model of your items. They are also known for having great customer service.

3. Know Your Stuff

Know Your Stuff was created by the Insurance Information Institute. It allows you to enter your information and photos of your belongings either through the app or through their free Web-based software and your data automatically synchronizes between the two. The app also offers free online storage, so you can get access to your information from anywhere. Know Your Stuff is known to be one of the best home inventory apps, as it’s the most comprehensive inventory app that you can find.

4. Visual Home Inventory

The Visual Home Inventory app is useful because it offers an easy way to find out the exact location where your inventories are located. This app allows you to  record the detail storage locations with pictures, and then find the item by keyword. The hierarchy style inventory allows you to locate anything in your house once you catalog it.

5. The Home Inventory

The Home Inventory has a built-in scanner that allows you to use bar codes to keep a home inventory. It uses categories for you to keep your items inside, and you can sync your date across multiple devices. You can also retrieve the inventory as a PDF file.

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