Nicaragua Safety and Scams: The One Thing You Shouldn’t Share With Anyone And Other Safety Tips

Nicaragua Safety

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Nicaragua safety and the scams that can happen there are often very much a concern of the people who are traveling there.  But I want to reinforce that Nicaragua is, for the most part, a very safe place to travel to.  Most of the people you meet are very kind, and the media has done a lot to misrepresent just how safe most of central America is. In fact, if you really compare the statistics, you will probably find that the area you are living in has a higher rate of crime. However, you must be very careful if you are traveling to the Managua area of Nicaragua.  The one thing you should never share, if you are concerned about Nicaragua safety, is a cab or car with strangers.  There have been several reports of robberies from people who have done this. One couple who was taking a cab from the train station had some strangers they didn’t know hop in their cab at the last minute, and they were robbed at screwdriver point.  The strangers took all of their luggage, electronics and money and had the cab dump them off outside of town. The strangers did leave the couple with enough money to make it back to town.  A similar situation happened to another couple, but this time, they had met some people who had befriended them and offered them a ride.  Make sure in Nicaragua that you only accept rides in authorized taxis which have red license plates.  Also, it’s always a good idea to write down the number of the taxi that you are in and to lock the doors as soon as you get in the taxi.

People have also had their belongings stolen at the dance clubs along the waterfront in Granada, so be careful with your belongings if you decide to go to them.  One area of Nicaragua to completely avoid is the area known as “El Triangulo Minero” This area comprises the towns of La Rosita, Bonanza, and Siuna in the northeastern part of Jintotega.  It is known for having many armed criminal gangs.

Unfortunately, wherever you go in the world, there can be bad people.  In Nicaragua, safety and scams are not as big of an issue as the media would have you believe.  Just use caution in the areas mentioned, and you are bound to be touched by the warmth and friendliness of the people who live there.

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