Egypt Scams: Never Ride A Random Man’s Camel

camel egypt scams

Photo by Matt Peoples/Flickr CC

There are about as many Egypt scams as there are camels.  However, one that may catch you off guard is one in which the camels themselves are a part of.  (OK, not willingly.)  It’s easy to get caught off guard by the cuteness of a camel, and before you know it you are riding one, then you are told you have to pay or you won’t be let down.  That’s right.  That cute camel, suddenly, became a terrifying ride.  This Egypt scam most often happens around the pyramids in Cairo.  You agree to a price for a picture or a ride, but then the tout won’t let you down until you pay the same amount to disembark.  It’s best to stick to a well-known tour company for a ride rather than get on a stranger’s camel.  

Other Egypt Scams To Be Aware Of

Also, many people who offer to take your picture in Egypt expect a tip, so know this before you hand your camera over.

Make sure to always count your change and be familiar with the currency in Egypt as it can be very confusing.  Many vendors are known for not giving back the right change.  You should know that Egypt is a country where it is expected that you will haggle for everything.  Shop around for the tours that you do take, as some places will charge twice as much as others.

Some taxi drivers will try to tell you that the taxi cost is per person, but this is incorrect.  You should only pay for the trip.  And, if the taxi driver quotes the cost to you in pounds, make sure to clarify if it is in pounds or pounds sterling.  Also, be aware that the taxi drivers don’t use meters in Egypt.  Always agree to a price before you set off.

Follow these tips, and you should be able to avoid most Egypt scams. Most of the people are friendly and interested in knowing you, but just like any place that draws a lot of tourists, it also draws its share of scammers. Be alert, have fun, and stay off the stranger’s camels, and your trip should be a great one.

Michael Hodson At Go, See, Write has his own story of an Egypt scam if you want to read his personal story of being there.

Do you have your own story of a scam in Egypt? Let us know in the comments below!!

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