Discount Travel Clubs And Other Scams In Canada

"Toronto" by Paul Bica/Flickr CC

“Toronto” by Paul Bica/Flickr CC

Unfortunately many people who have joined the discount travel clubs in Canada have only ended up being scammed by them.  There are some valid discount travel clubs, but most of them are not.  If they are asking for a lot of money for membership, then they are usually not valid.  The way these travel clubs work is that they will show you a menu of trips and tell you that you are getting a discount, but that you have to be a member in order to get that discount.  Of course, the travel club is usually getting a commission from the trip providers as well.  Usually, you aren’t getting a discount at all, so do your own research and see what the cost really is before just assuming that you are getting a discount. Also if you google the travel club, you will probably find pages and pages of complaints about these clubs.  Better ways to find discounts for travel are Adioso for flights, and Airbnb or Paradise Hunter for discounted places to stay.

Another common scam that happens in Canada is the art student scam.  People will pretend to be art students and say that they are trying to raise money for supplies.  They will try to tell you that they are selling original paintings or prints when they are really cheap copies.  This is also a common scam in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.  Do not buy this art.

Also, be careful if you are taking a taxi from the Toronto Pearson Airport.  Only take an official taxi from here which will be metered.  If you take one that isn’t metered, they can charge what they want and, chances are, you will be scammed.

Canada is a very safe and beautiful place to travel.  Most people are very honest and helpful.  Just keep these tips in mind and you should have a great journey.