Cambodia Safety and Scams

Cambodia Safety

Photo by Mike Behnken/ Flickr CC

In Cambodia, safety is often a big concern.  Overall, it is a safe place to travel, but it is also one of the most corrupt places that a person can visit, so you must be alert and avoid the scams which can be quite common.

One thing that happens often to tourists in Cambodia is that they will be told that their bus will be several hours late. They are then told that they should take a shared taxi with the other tourists.  Of course, the person telling you this often splits the profits with the taxi driver.

Beware if you are entering Cambodia from another country.  Many times the officials will tell you that you must pay visa charges when there should be none.  Make sure you research ahead of time to see if there are any visa charges and what they are for your country.

Cambodia Safety For Siem Reap

Also, if you are on the way to Siem Reap, know that there ARE banks in Siem Reap.  Many tourists have been told by bus drivers that there are no banks there. They will stop in an area with shady money changers and the travelers are charged exorbitant rates to change their money.  Of course, the bus driver gets a commission for this.  Actually, bus drivers often are play a part in many scams in Cambodia.  They will often take you to a guest house in Cambodia that is paying them a commission, and they will try to manipulate you into staying there.  Stay firm about where you want to go, and don’t let them talk you into staying at a place that is paying them a hefty commission.

Avoid bars with gambling.  You won’t win.  You will get ripped off.

There are a lot of pick-pockets in Cambodia, so always keep an eye on your things.  Don’t keep things in outer pockets.  Carry the strap of your purse across your body.

If you stay alert and stand up for yourself, then Cambodia safety won’t be an issue. Travel with someone else if possible and enjoy this amazing place.