5 Of My Best Travel Tips

I am often asked what my best travel tips are.  I’ve come a long way since the first trip that I took to Europe when I was 23 and had never even taken a ride on public transportation before.  These are my best travel tips that I’ve learned along the way and that I hope will help you have an easier and more enjoyable time traveling.

krabi best travel tips

1. Remember it truly is about the journey, and your attitude will get you everywhere!

And I tell you, I have been on all kinds of journeys. I have been on a tiny ferry in Thailand so crammed with people who I was forced to stay at the railing while a man threw up over my shoulder. There was no place to even move to get out of the way. On that same day, I was dumped in front of a mattress shop at a random spot in Thailand by the transport driver who gave me no explanation about why he wasn’t taking me to my hotel as planned. I just had to laugh at all of this and think of the next day when  I would be lying on the beach and these episodes would be but a distant memory. Just remember on your travel days that it will probably take longer than you anticipated and just go with the flow. I find it helps to try to get to know my fellow travelers during times like these and that way we can all laugh together.

2. Pack light, use wheels, and don’t buy a lot of stuff you don’t need.

It’s true, you really only need about half of what you think  you will on your trip. Trust me, it gets exhausting to lug your stuff from place to place. Make it easy on yourself.  If you really decide you just have to have more clothes while traveling, you can always find cheap clothing at thrift stores, but I think you will come to love the freedom of carrying very little. Also, I started out trying to lug a backpack around, but I found that’s really hard on your body. I now choose a small duffel bag with wheels. Watch what you buy while on your trip. It can be easy to buy local souvenirs that you don’t really need. The main thing you will remember is the trip itself, so find other ways to document your travels besides buying stuff. Speaking of that, pack lots of extra camera batteries with you, and you won’t ever have to worry about missing that perfect shot.


3. Yes, Wear Sunscreen (And all the other advice from my favorite song above is great, too!)

Yes, you hear it all the time, but it’s so easy to forget. Wear sunscreen, ESPECIALLY on cloudy days. Nothing wrecks a vacation (or your skin) like a sunburn.

coconut water best travel tips

4.  Stay Hydrated

If you want to avoid jet lag, it’s best not to drink alcohol while flying. Bring your own water bottle and fill it with water before boarding the plane. Also, try to carry it with you every day on your travels, so that you are constantly drinking water. Coconut water, especially from fresh coconuts, is one my favorite ways to stay hydrated.

5. Bring Presents For People

People love presents, and if I’ve stayed with someone while traveling, I like to thank them with a gift. Keep the items small, so you can still pack light! One of my favorite gifts to give are the Earth Solutions Aromatherapy Inhalers (my favorite is the stress ease one). It’s also fun to give locals postcards of the area that you are from. They love this, and I always love to bring candy for the kids. They especially love Pop Rocks. This time around, I’m going to bring a few copies of the book that I wrote to pass out, too. I love giving, and it’s just fun to thank people for their presence with presents!


So, those are five of my best travel tips! What travel tips do you have? Let us all know in the comments below!



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