What You Should Pack For Vacation

The best advice I can give you when traveling is to PACK LIGHT!!  If there is something you desperately need, you can usually find it eventually.  It’s so nice to feel light and free on your travels and not weighed down because you are carrying so much stuff. Handwash your clothes, wear them over and over (trust me, no one will care), and get a Kindle for those long bus rides.


1. 2 pairs of shoes (make sure they are comfortable)

2. Hiking convertible pants that zip off to become shorts

3. 1 skirt/ 1 dress

4. 3 tank tops

5. 2 nicer short sleeve shirts for nice dinners

6. Long sleeve T-shirt

7. Button up shirt for layering over tank tops

8. Warm socks for the plane

9. Microfleece sweatshirt

10. Two bathing suits

11. One sarong (can be used as both cover up and beach blanket)

12. Pajamas


1. Brush/ hair product/ shampoo

2. Toothbrush/ paste/ floss

3. Deodorant

4. Castile soap

5. Razor/shaving gel

6. Nail clippers

7. Makeup/Lip balm

8. Band-Aids/antibiotic cream

9. Sunscreen/Sunglasses

10. Mosquito Spray

11. Ibuprofen

12. An antibiotic like Cipro in original prescription bottle

13. Aloe Vera

14. Tweezers

15. Eyedrops


1. Laptop

2  Kindle

3. Camera with extra batteries and SD cards

4. Moneybelt

5. Lock for backpack or bag


Other Items:

1. Flashlight/ Headlamp

2. Passport/Visa/Vaccination Card

3. Cash/ Credit Cards

4. Copies of E-tickets and Hotel Confirmations

5. Chargers for cameras/phone and other electronics

6. Converters

7. Alarm Clock

8.  Journal/pens

9.  Snacks for the plane

10. An empty water bottle








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