Where Can I Go Without A Passport?

“Where can I go without a passport?” is a question often asked by Americans since 2/3’s of them still don’t have passports. While I highly recommend that everyone see more of the world than the country they are born in, there are many beautiful spots that Americans can travel to without a passport.

Here are my favorite spots:

Virgin islands where can i go without a passport

Photo Credit: NYRBlue94 via Compfight cc

1. United States Virgin Islands

St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas make up the US Virgin Islands and are easy to reach from the US. These islands are great for snorkeling and have beautiful beaches. And shopping is made easier by the fact that you can use US dollars.

2.  Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is close to the Virgin Islands, so if you have a longer vacation, you can easily go to both.  If you are looking for more exciting nightlife with a mix of rainforests, then Puerto Rico is your spot.

Hawaii where can I go without a passport

Photo Credit: paul bica via Compfight cc

3.  Hawaii

I lived in Hawaii for three years, and its beauty stunned me everyday. Hawaii is the land of rainbows, volcanoes, and sunshine. The diving is great, and the food, with its Asian influences, is some of the best you will eat in the world.

4. Guam

Guam is still one of the top places on my bucket list. Know that you will need proof of US citizenship to enter Guam, but you won’t need a passport. This tropical island paradise is great for shopping (hint: it’s duty-free status means that name brands are cheaper than from their country of origin). The beaches are gorgeous and the food is spectacular.

Miami where can I go without a passport

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk via Compfight cc

5. Miami

With its multicultural scene, being in Miami does almost feel like being in another country. Don’t miss the shopping, the amazing nightlife, the vibrant art scene, or some of the best restaurants you will ever dine at.

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