Traveling With Your Ecigarette: 7 Things You Need To Know

Travelling With Your Ecigarette: What You Need To Know!

Are you thinking of traveling with your Ecigarette? This article gives you the guidelines for traveling with e-cigs and vaping. 

Traveling With Your Ecigarette: Things You Need To Know

1. Look Up The Ecigarette Laws For The Country You Are Visiting

Places like Singapore have strict laws, and aren’t friendly to vaping. In fact, you can be fined $200 there for vaping publicly. Make sure you know the rules of the country you are visiting before traveling with your Ecigarette.

2. Going Through Security with E-liquid and E-cigs

If you are putting the E-liquid in your carry-on, make sure that it’s less than 100 ml of liquid. Put it in a clear Ziploc bag with your other liquids. Disconnect the battery from your atomizer, and put it with your electronics . Make sure to double check the regulations of the airline you are traveling with as well. EasyJet only allows one e-cigarette with a maximum of two spare batteries to be taken on-board. Note, that many people have had their E-cigs confiscated by security in the Dubai airport, so traveling with your Ecigarette there isn’t recommended.

3. In The Airport, Only Vape In Designated Smoking Areas

Most airports still treat E-cigs just like regular cigarettes, so you can only smoke in designated smoking areas. Also some airports, such as the Orlando airport in Florida don’t allow vaping at all. Vaping is illegal in nearly all Asian airports and banned in Canadian airports. Some airports like Heathrow Airport in London, are ahead of the curve, and have their own vaping bars. So, do your research. In Panama, you can buy e-cigs and vape at airport bars.

4. Don’t Put Your E-cigs Or Batteries In Your Checked Bag

E-cig batteries and E-cigs are banned worldwide in checked luggage, so all batteries must be placed in your carry-on when traveling with your Ecigarette. You can, however, place your E-liquid in your checked bag.

5. Don’t Use Your E-cig on The Airplane

You are not allowed to use your E-cig on the airplane or even charge it. So, keep it put away while flying.

6. Traveling With Your Ecigarette On A Cruise

Most cruise ships don’t allow vaping in your cabin because it will set off the smoke alarm. Vaping is also not usually allowed in the dining rooms. Check the regulations of the cruise line you are traveling with first.

7. Don’t Forget Your Chargers And E-liquid

When packing, don’t forget your chargers for charging your device. If you are traveling by car, make sure you have a car charger. Also, make sure you have enough E-liquid for your trip, as you may not be able to buy it in the country you are traveling to.

If you need more tips about your Ecigarette, I recommend the Blu blog. It is full of information about vaping and E-cigs. 

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