Travel Hacks: What To Pack To Be A Smart Traveler

travel hacks what to pack to be a smart traveler

There are a ton of packing lists on the internet that tell you what to pack, how many shirts and pairs of underwear you should be taking, but I want this list to be a little different. Here are some travel hacks that the smart traveler packs that will make your suitcase more organized, save space, and make your travels that much easier.

Travel Hacks: What To Pack

1. A Power Strip

Have you noticed that there are never enough power outlets in your hotel room? And the airport charging docks are always full. Solve this problem by carrying a power strip in your luggage, and you will be everyone’s hero at the airport.

2. Pill Containers For Your Jewelry

I have arrived at my destination far too many times to find my necklaces had their own little party in my suitcase, and all that’s left is a tangled mess. End this problem by putting each piece of jewelry in its own compartment inside of a pill container.

3. Sunglass Cases For Your Chargers

Just like your necklaces like to party in your bag, so do all of  your power cords and chargers. Store them in sunglass cases, and they won’t get tangled. Don’t forget to put them in your carry-on bags, so you can charge your electronics during your layover at the airport. Sunglass cases are also great for storing makeup brushes.

4. Poppy Seed Extract

If you are wondering what to pack to fight jet lag, poppy seed extract is my best secret. When I take it, I will sleep eight hours straight, even while traveling. I wake up alert after taking it, so I don’t feel like I took something to help me sleep. When I take poppy-seed extract, I also feel like the quality of my sleep is better, too.

5. A Coffee Mug With A Lid

Not only is carrying your own coffee mug an environmentally-friendly way to get your to-go cup, it’s also better for transporting valuables in. Put your sunglasses in the mug, and not in a sunglass case. Also, a coffee mug will protect any fragile items, and make a good “safe” in your hotel room.

6. Cotton Balls For Your Powdered Makeup

Don’t you find it exasperating when your powdered makeup also decided to have a party until it broke itself while you are traveling? Put a cotton ball on top of all of your powdered makeup before closing the case, and your makeup will arrive looking just as good as it did before your journey started.

7. Shower Caps For Your Shoes

It’s no fun getting your clothes dirty from dirty shoes in your suitcase. Use shower caps to cover your shoes, and then everything stays clean.

8. Lavender Essential Oil

Traveling is stressful. I travel with lavender essential oil and rub it on my temples while flying, while enduring long bus rides, on the pillows in my hotel room, and even on my wrists instead of perfume. Make this item a must on your “what to pack” list!

9. Duct Tape

I have used duct tape to repair broken flip-flops, broken bags, to repair ripped mosquito netting (duct tape won’t help when you get trapped inside the mosquito netting, but really that’s a whole different story in itself). You can use it to seal the drain and take a bath if there’s no drain stopper, you can wrap your luggage with it (over the zippers), use it to tape your curtains to the wall that are letting in light, and, hey, you can even create your own hopscotch game with it right in the airport.

10. Presents

I love giving presents to people. And people love getting presents. You will meet new people on your trip, so bring some extra things to make people’s journey a little more fun. I like to give away Stress Ease Scent Inhalers, chocolate, glitter tattoos, and small toys for kids. I also like bringing gourmet food on the plane to share.  Life is short. It’s up to you to make it more fun. This is one of my favorite ways. Give unexpected gifts just because.

Do you have travel hacks that you want to share? Leave a comment below and tell me what to pack to be a smart traveler!

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