Tips For Taking The TGV Train In France

 TGV train

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A lot of people have questions about using the TGV train in France.  Here is a guide to make your journey an easy one.

1. Discounts

Perhaps the most helpful piece of advice is that you can get a discount if you book your ticket ahead of time. Children and seniors also get discounts on their TGV train tickets.

2. The Difference Between 1st and 2nd Class

If you book first class, your seats have more leg room and recline.  If you book Premier service, it includes meal service and you can go to the TGV lounge at the train stations.

3. How Many Bags Can I Take On The TGV train?

You can take two large pieces of luggage ( (maximum 85cm in any one dimension) plus one small piece.  There are racks above the seats for you to put your belongings and there are also bigger racks near the doors for you to store bigger items.  Know that your luggage is your responsibility, so keep an eye on it. The nice thing is you will not be charged extra for the luggage you are bringing with you on the train.  Also, make sure to label your bags with your full name.

4. Do I Get To Choose My Seat Before I Get On The Train?

Unfortunately, you don’t. Most trains don’t yet have this service, so arrive early. TGV recommends that travelers arrive 30 minutes before the departure of their train.

Have a safe journey!


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