The Best Jobs That Involve Traveling For People Who Want To See The World

Jobs That Involve Traveling

You don’t have to quit your job to travel the world. There are many jobs that involve traveling. Here are jobs you can do, so that you get paid to travel, and get to see the world at the same time.

The Best Jobs That Involve Traveling

The Best Jobs That Involve Traveling

1. Flight Attendant Or Pilot

You get to spend your life flying as a pilot or flight attendant, and the world is yours to explore. Of course, many hours of study are required to be a pilot, but you don’t need a special degree to become a flight attendant. Of course, it helps to have some experience in the customer service area.

2. English Teacher

You can pretty much find work in any part of the world as an English teacher. It usually only takes about a month to get a TEFL or TESOL certificate, and you can even do it online. A bachelor’s degree is also sometimes required.

3. Recruiter

If the idea of traveling to colleges around the country to look for new talent appeals to you, then you would enjoy being a recruiter. Most people who become recruiters majored in Psychology, Human Resources, or Business.

4. Retail Buyer

If you have a love of fashion and a love of travel, becoming a retail buyer is the ultimate dream job for you. A retail buyer is one of the most sought after jobs that involve traveling. You get to visit some of the top fashion capitals of the world, and get paid while doing it.

5. Tour Guide

Becoming a tour guide is a great way to slow travel. You can either work for a company that is hiring or create your own tours. Especially with the new interest in food tours, many people who want to  travel are creating their own tours to take tourists on.

6. Sales Jobs

Many sales positions are jobs that involve traveling. Often, you don’t even have to leave the place you are living in order to travel if you have a job in sales. And if you want to be based somewhere else in the world, it’s also very easy to find a sales job.

7. Travel Agent

While the internet has caused a decline in this occupation, many corporations are still using travel agents to book their corporate travel. It’s a great job to have and a way to get free or discounted travel for yourself.

8. Travel Writer

The competition for travel writers is tough, but it’s still a way to work and get to see more of the world. Many travel writers start out by having their own blogs and freelance for publications such as airline magazines and travel websites.

9. Nanny

There are many websites for nannies who want to work in other countries. Usually your room and board is covered, and you receive an additional small salary. This can be a great way to experience a new culture.

10. Import/Export Business

You can always import or export goods to or from another country that you love. This will involve frequent travel to that country, and if you enjoy shopping, this could be a great travel job opportunity for you.

Do you have one of the jobs that involve traveling? Let me know what you do in the comments below! 

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