Romania Travel Scams: Beware Wads Of Cash When Traveling To Romania


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When traveling to Romania, you can rest assured that it is one of the safest areas that you can travel to.  Violent crime is very rare and the biggest thing you usually have to worry about are pickpockets.

Wads Of Cash

There is one travel scam, however, to be aware of when traveling to Romania. A man will usually make a big show of finding a big wad of cash on the ground.  He will tell you that it will bring him good luck to share the found money with you. Most people would know it was a scam and not take the money, but for those who have, the results have not been good.  For those who have taken half the money, the scammer has then accused them of taking more than half the money.  When the tourist shows his money, the scammer then takes all of it.  The police have been called when this has happened, and the police have even taken the scammer’s side in these instances.  If this situation happens to you, just walk away.  Tell the scammer that they should take the found money to the police station.  That will get rid of them.

Dishonest Taxi Drivers

Also, just like in most cities, there are often dishonest taxi drivers at the airports and bus stations.  So, make sure they aren’t driving you in circles, and that they are running the meter.

Fake Policemen

There have also been known to be fake policemen in Romania who aren’t wearing uniforms. They say that they are undercover. They will tell tourists that they need to check their passports and wallets.  Then they take the tourist’s money.  If someone approaches you claiming to be a policemen, tell them that you want to go to the police station.  You will find that the fake policemen will suddenly disappear.

You Will Meet Wonderful People When Traveling To Romania

You will find the majority of Romanians to be warm and welcoming.  Most people find the people of Romania to be much more hospitable than most Westerners. If you are traveling to Romania, enjoy the beautiful country, and have a wonderful trip.

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