How To Have A Cheap Holiday To Lanzarote: Your Budget Guide

cheap holiday to lanzarote

With gorgeous beaches and a volcanic landscape, the Canary Island of Lanzarote has everything you could want for a perfect vacation. And it’s possible to enjoy a cheap holiday to Lanzarote without spending a lot of money. Here’s your budget guide to Lanzarote:

How To Have A Cheap Holiday To Lanzarote

cheap holiday to Lanzarote

1. Rent A Bike Or Scooter For Transportation

The bus system in Lanzarote is great to use if you are going between the main towns or resort areas. Once in town, you are better off renting a bike or a scooter. Bikes rent for about €10 per day. Of course, if there are more than three of you traveling, it will be more economical to rent a car. You can drive from one end of the island to the other in an hour, so you won’t be spending much on gas.

2. Enjoy The Free Natural Attractions

cheap holiday to Lanzarote

The Green Lagoon at El Golfo is breathtaking. At La Caldera Blanca in Mancha Blanca, you can climb the volcano for free, and see stunning views when you reach the top. There is also the Valley of 1000 Palms which have created an incredible oasis. And, of course, you can’t miss the Lanzarote beaches, which are absolutely stunning. The choices are endless, for free things to do on Lanzarote.

3. Enjoy The Lanzarote Happy Hours

Alcohol isn’t expensive in Lanzarote, so this makes it easy to have a cheap holiday to Lanzarote. Most of the Lanzarote bars offer happy hours from 5-6 pm, so shop around, and enjoy the ones that offer the best deals. Happy hours are also great places to meet new people while you are traveling. You can also buy your beers at the grocery store and take them with you to the beach as a way to save money. The local stores also sell the region’s incredible wines.

4. Eat Tapas Or Go To Restaurants With Prix Fixe Menus

cheap holiday to Lanzarote

Tapas are a great, inexpensive way to try several small plates of Spanish food, and most restaurants in Lanzarote offer them. Many restaurants also offer Prix Fixe three-course meals, called the menu del dia, for around €15, which is an excellent value. Also, note that the service charge is included in the bill, so it’s not necessary to tip in Spain. Also, don’t miss the sociedades and teleclubs (social clubs) which usually have no menu, and are run by the local people. These social clubs usually offer a great value on food and drinks, and make for a delightful experience. There are also charming farmer’s markets that sell the local produce which makes for a great picnic on the beach.

5. Rent A Place To Stay On Airbnb

By renting a place on Airbnb, you can easily spend less than you would on a hotel room. Airbnb has private rooms for as little as €30 a night or entire ocean cottages from €60 a night. I have had really good experiences with Airbnb, and have found it’s a great way to save money when traveling.

Do you have tips for how to have a cheap holiday to Lanzarote? Let me know in the comments below! 

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