Beach Theft: How To Stop Your Stuff From Getting Stolen


beach theftBeing a victim of beach theft can ruin an entire vacation. Beaches are often targeted by pickpockets and thieves. If you are like me and often travel alone, it’s hard to enjoy being in the water knowing that your valuables are a prime target for beach theft. Here are my suggestions for preventing your belongings from being stolen.

How To Prevent Beach Theft

How To Prevent Beach Theft


1. Only Take Enough Cash For The Day

One of the best ways to prevent beach theft is to only take the cash you will need at the beach, and leave all of your valuables behind in your hotel safe. Do you really need your phone at the beach? Don’t take your wallet or credit cards. Just take the small amount of cash that you need.

2. Buy A Waterproof Waist Pouch And Phone Bag

If  you really can’t get by without taking your phone to the beach, invest in a waterproof waist pouch. This one comes with a free waterproof phone case, and is under $20.

3. Bury It

I’ve buried my stuff in the sand before and put my water bottle or towel over it, so I can find it later. Put your keys, money and watch in a Ziploc bag and bury it underground. Or, if you take close-toed shoes, bring some socks and put your belongings in the socks and stuff it in the toes of the shoes. If you bring a coffee cup that isn’t transparent, you can also put your belongings in the coffee cup.

4. Buy A Beach Safe

If you are going to a beach with umbrellas, or taking your own, a beach safe will be more convenient than a waterproof pouch. These hard plastic cases attach to and lock the umbrella in the open position, so a thief would have to steal the whole umbrella to get to your stuff.

5. Pick A Spot Close To The Lifeguard Tower

Usually thieves will avoid the area near the lifeguard tower to avoid being noticed. If you put your towel near the lifeguards, you have a better chance of avoiding beach theft. I’ve even asked the lifeguards to keep an eye on my things when I am in the water.

How do you avoid beach theft? Let me know in the comments below! 


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