ATM Scams-Why You Should Use Caution

atm scams

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Skimming Scams

ATM scams are the most common scams that can happen in any country, so it’s very important to be aware.  Scammers rig the ATM machines with skimmers that can read all of your card data.  They also use small cameras to capture you putting in your pin number.  The best way to avoid these cameras from capturing you is to always cover the keypad when you are putting in your PIN number.  (Pretend someone is looking over your shoulder.)  Also, if you ever see a second slot at an ATM that says, “Slide card here first,” don’t use that ATM.  Chances are it’s a piece of skimming equipment.  Card skimming is the #1 type of ATM fraud. Right now police are trying to capture a gang of Romanian thieves who are behind 90% of the ATM fraud in the UK.

ATM  Card Grabbing

One of the other common ATM scams is one in which a criminal will install a piece of hardware on an ATM which will eat your ATM card.  They will be standing close by, pretend to be helpful, and urge you to enter your PIN again so that they can see it. When you walk away to tell the bank, they will get your card and use it.  Don’t ever enter your PIN in front of a stranger.

Fake ATM’s

In some countries, there are even fake ATM’s set up.  They don’t dispense money, but what they do is steal all of your information. It’s best to never use an ATM that isn’t at a banking institution.

Cash Trapping

Thieves are getting really good with their ATM scams and are even now using cash trapping equipment.  The ATM will dispense your cash, but you won’t be able to get it. Once you walk inside the bank, the thief will remove the equipment and take your cash. If you don’t receive your money, it’s best to call the bank from your cell phone to alert them to what is happening.  Don’t walk away without your cash!

If you follow these tips, you should be able to avoid the fraud that happens with most ATM scams.

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