Amsterdam Travel Scams To Be Aware Of On Your Next Vacation

Amsterdam scams

Picture by Bert Kaufmann/Flickr CC

Amsterdam is a safe place to travel to, and Amsterdam travel scams usually involve things like taxi drivers overcharging and pickpockets.  The pickpockets in Amsterdam, though, are professional ones and usually work in groups, so be very alert when you travel there.  The area between Centraal Station and Dam Square is known for muggings in the dark alleys of this area, so be very careful if you are walking alone here at night.  You would think it would be sensible to just stay out of the dark alleys, but sometimes touts have led tourists down them by telling them they are taking them to a cheap hotel.  But, suddenly, the tout will run off and a group of men with knives will come running towards the tourists and rob them.  If you show up without a room, it’s always best to book one across the street at the tourist information center just across the street from the train station.  It is also best not to stop to talk to people who approach you in this area after dark.  Also, most seasoned travelers know not to fall for people who offer you a good exchange rate on the street, but one of the main Amsterdam travel scams involves people who do this.  Only when the tourist pulls out their money, the scammer takes the money and runs away with it.

One of the other common Amsterdam travel scams is where a group of men in a white van will approach you, acting like they are lost.  They will claim to work for Bose or some other electronic manufacturer.  They will offer you a discount for their products.  Of course, if you agree to buy the items, you will wind up with empty boxes.  Never buy things from strangers that you encounter on the streets.

Just stay alert while traveling in Amsterdam, and you should be able to avoid these scams and have an enjoyable vacation.